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The Structure Used By Hotel Management Companies

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The hotel manager positions or  Hotel management companies structure of any Hospitality establishment, can be quit complex depending on the size and reputation of the the establishment. A prestige establishment such as The Hilton Bentley in Miami Florida will have an extensive departmental structure all of which will be under individual management. Then on the other hand you have your smaller establishments such as the Days Inn that will have a more smaller limited management structure since all the services and lodging may not be as abundant.
From the very top of the ladder we could most likely start with the General Manager who would probably be the overseer of all departments of hotel management and employees.
The typical manager will have his basic responsibilities for a particular area of  importance, as such would be the restaurant manager, but the responsibilities of the General manager would consist of every area of functionality. One very important function of the General hotel manager would the responsibility of  profit and Loss or P&L for short. This would consist of all the hotel management companies income statements of revenue and cost factors.

With this level of responsibility the General manager would also have to oversee all of the sales and marketing operations while at the same time monitoring the daily function of the establishment. They are usually in charge of all staffing, event co-ordinating and delegating staff and lower  Management when making any decision to bring a profitable result for the firm or establishment.

Within some large hotel management companies structure you may have management positions directly under the General Manager as shown below.
A structural management list of a large hotel establishment:
General Manager
- Room Operations Director
- Manager of Front Office
- Manager of Front Desk
- Supervisor of Front Desk
- Coordinator of Rooms
- Supervisor of PBX
Manager of Guest Services
- The Concierge Supervisor
- The Bell Captain
- The Valet Captain
- Executive Housekeeper
Manager of Housekeeping
- Supervisor of Laundry
- The Custodial Supervisor
Sales & Marketing Director
- Senior Sales Manager
- Manager of Sales
- Manager of Marketing
- Manager of Reservations
- Manager of Revenue
Food & Beverage Director
- Restaurant Manager
- Executive Chef
- Manager of Room Service
- Manager of the Bar
Events and Catering Director
- Manager of Convention Services
- Event Manager
- Manager Catering
Finance Director
- Manager of Finance
Chief Engineer
Human Resources Director
Security Director
Manager of Information Technology

Much Goes into the structuring of Hotel management by hotel management companies, which is surely essential when operating large establishment as a hotel manager but at the same time smaller establishments require management structure also but may not need be as complex.

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